All of our upcoming shows, news and where you can catch us!

All of our upcoming shows, news and where you can catch us!

The origins of this band are rooted in Zimbabwe, where brothers Ryan and Wes Niemandt grew up, playing rather loud rock music to a largely disinterested and conservative agrarian populace. Then in 2001, the brothers relocated to the United Kingdom where they honed their songcraft, drawing their influences from a wide variety of sources with an aim to create something that is different but entertaining and with a hard edge. They played with many a talented musician and eventually formed Kamikaze Test Pilots in 2005, with Simon Buckett joining as bassist in 2009. Kamikaze Test Pilots is as the name suggests, a contradiction - a no rules non conforming suicidal mesh of influences and sounds that constantly reinvents itself with each new song. drawing influence from bands like System of A Down - with the stop start rythms and lyrical content; Soundgarden, Clutch, the Melvins and Alice in Chains - the melodic vocals, chugging rythm guitars and searing solos, world music and a very many other things. However, most critics agree that the sound is something original and worth the 3 measley minutes of attention people are willing to spare an unsigned band these days. 3 minutes is all they need. Give it to them. Go see them live, they are the shit!

1 November 2019 - Facebar, Reading, Supporting Evil Scarecrow.

Keeping them pesky crows away...  more  

4 October 2019 - The Hobbit, Southampton

Freshers at the Hobbit  more  

12 December 2019 - Bar 57, Pershore, Supporting Chop Suey (SOAD Tribute)

SOAD Tribute band  more  

14 September 2019 - The Rigger, Stoke on Trent

Who Let the Dogs Out all dayer!  more  

The Green Rooms, Treforest, Wales - 22 June 2019

A foray into Wales!  more  

Supporting Deity's Muse at 229 the Venue, London, 8 July 2019

A Monday night gig in London  more  

6 April 2019 in Hereford

We are back in Hereford again! We had such a blast last time we had to get back! So lock your socks and grab your plumbus. Some great other bands too! See you there!  more  

29/3/19 - The Face bar, Reading

Fri 29th March at 7:00pm @The Face Bar, Reading  more